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2017 Alumni Celebration Survey

Have you participated in a previous Chaminade Reunion?


If so how many?




Graduate Type (choose all that apply):


Year of Graduation (select year) first degree:


Current Age:


Mocktails & Masterpieces-Paint Night participated:


Which of the following best describes your experience at the Mocktails & Masterpieces-Paint Night?


Street Festival-Food Truck Rally participated:


Which of the following best describes your experience at the Street Festival-Food Truck Rally?


Do you have any comments on the new Street Festival format?

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Alumni Mass participated:


How would you rate the event costs?


What made you participate in the 2017 Alumni Reunion Celebration? (choose all that apply)


Please tell us how satisfied you were with the Reunion Celebration experience:


Event suggestions for 2018:


What are barriers to your participation in alumni activities? (Choose all that apply)


Please use the space below to provide any further comments you may have:

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