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2017 Alumni Celebration Survey

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Which of the following best describes your experience at the Street Festival-Food Truck Rally?


Do you have any comments on the new Street Festival format?

"OK Teen Challenge Texas was starting to give a program that would aid teens conquer obstacles, create self-confidence, and discover just how to lead a healthy and balanced way of life. "The objective of OK Teen Challenge is 'To Put Hope within of each private experiencing dangerous battles'. As one of the biggest Christian ministries of its kind in the country, OK Teen Challenge has one goal - to change lives." Mary Satisfaction, Exec Director

OK Teen Challenge has actually advanced right into an incredible ministry that connects to thousands of troubled teenagers as well as young adults. It has actually been extremely successful since it puts a face on the determined condition of our teens. The main aim of OK Teen Challenge is to bring hope and also modification to its participants as well as provide an effective chance for teens to work together for a common function. Mary Satisfaction states, "We have actually seen great modifications in some teens. They have gone from being scared and also powerless, to self-confident as well as loving."

The main goal of okteenchallenge is to furnish teens with the knowledge and tools needed to make favorable changes in their lives. One of the devices that they have is the "Round Table Workshop". This workshop consists of twelve regular conferences that last an hour each. In these workshops, the leaders present inspirational concepts and tasks that equip teenagers to act today as well as attain a more positive future.

Young adults that have taken part in OK Teen Challenge's "Round Table Workshop" state that the concepts as well as tasks presented throughout the workshops helped them to learn brand-new abilities as well as to establish new approaches for encountering life challenges. Individuals say that the suggestions instilled in the workshops truly helped them get rid of particular worries that they had. As an example, one teen claimed that she utilized to be scared of looking foolish before other individuals. Via the "Round Table Workshop", she was able to overcome this anxiety. After overcoming her anxiety, she had the ability to deal with and also deal with the various problems facing her friends.

The objectives of the teen challenges programs are numerous. Among these goals is for teens to experience development, adjustment, development, awareness, personal responsibility, toughness, imagination, and also community spirit. Ok Teenagers Challenge also supplies its participants with the chance to develop purposeful relationships with their co-leaders in addition to with their fellow teens. These partnerships are really crucial because it assists them to understand others and also collaborate in the direction of usual goals. These are likewise the areas that a lot of children miss out on.

The program also intends to give teenagers an orientation through function playing. This is thought about an efficient method of building esprit de corps. One more objective of OK Teen Challenge is for it to instill a sense of self-regard amongst its participants. It is also one method helpful teens to come to be positive sufficient to encounter their peer's and additionally to face the challenges they might deal with in their lives. By joining the program teenagers will likewise be given time to come to be independent as well as be even more self reliant.

There are various tasks that can be done during the yearly OK Teen Challenge Day. There are camping journeys, beauty parlor, treasure hunt, quiet auction, lemonade cleansing tea, movie evenings, musical productions, dances, poetry analyses, panel conversations and a lot more tasks that can be done with the help of the program. At the end of the day, all the teens are given a bow, trophy, plaque or award which is offered to each victor. Teenagers are likewise urged to share their experience with the other individuals in the program. This is a fantastic means for teenagers to bond with each other. The individuals can additionally share what they have gained from other taking part teens.

There are also several group leaders that are offered to supply assistance and help when required. All the teens entailed are asked to wear matching OK Teenagers tees. They are additionally supplied with information concerning the prize that is on deal so they are able to pick one that is suitable for them. For the moms and dads, they have the option of sending their teen's house with a gift coupon so they can pick one themselves that is suitable for the occasion. The proceeds of the auction, lunch or supper are donated to a neighborhood charity in the location and also the winning teen will additionally get to maintain it as souvenirs.

Alumni Mass participated:


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Event suggestions for 2018:


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